Cave In I View

Name Cave In I
Description The player is asked to gather some resources to fix a mine-shaft which has just collapsed.
Requirements Description As you will be required to chop down some normal wood in this quest, this quest will require you to have already completed the woodcutting quest-line and have access to the woodcutting skill. The player will need some gold to pay the fee to Nodrog. Quest Reward: Small amount of cash, double whatever the amount was that they needed to pay Carpenter Nodrog. Mining XP to get the player to level 2 (assuming level 5 would be required to mine or to enter the first mine so the follow-on quests would get the player up to level 5).
Start Point Description Entrance to the first mine-shaft. Speak to Foreman Dorlik (NPC 1).


Name Description Order
Get some wood Obtain 4 oak logs from the trees in the city square 1
Delivering Wood Give the 4 oak logs to Foreman Dorlik 2
Timber! Speak to Carpenter Nodrog about obtaining some timber. 3
Nodrog at work Collect timber from Nodrog 4
Deliver the timber Deliver the timber to Foreman Dorlik 5